This is my favourite way of engaging with other photographers. One-on-one sessions are great if you don't like groups or want to focus on a particular aspect of your photography. They allow me to help you with your composition, technical skills, and photographic preferences, resulting in improved results in a much shorter period of time. You can request a session focusing on specific areas you require improvement in, which allows me to create a client-specific experience. I will also provide some of my tips and tricks for post-processing. These sessions are always a lot of fun with many clients booking their next session before the first one is over :)


Locations are specific to your interests and are based in and around Cape Town. Several great locations I would recommend are Camps Bay, Kloof Corner, Dolphin Beach (Table mountain views), Simon's Town, and Signal Hill. I also have a range of lesser-known locations that I absolutely love that I've discovered over the years.


These sessions are usually during golden hour at sunrise or sunset and last between 2-3 hours. This is very weather and location dependent, and I will advise accordingly so we get the best possible conditions for amazing photography.


R1500 (if you wish to bring a second person it will be an extra R500 if they are also taking photos or FREE if they are a non-shooter). To book a session, please send me an email via the contact/order page HERE.

What you need:

You will need to bring your own camera, lenses and tripod. Good hiking shoes, a warm jacket and a bottle of water are also recommended. 

Experience level: 

Your level of experience can range from beginner to advanced. Please let me know what skill level you think you're at and what areas you wish to focus on, and I'll recommend the best experience. These sessions are always a lot of fun with clients learning in-the-field tips and tricks they never knew.