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Kyle Goetsch brings a fresh take to landscape photography, focusing on capturing locations in unique ways under the best lighting conditions possible. He has a keen eye for contrasts and strong compositional elements. Join him on his photographic adventures both in the field on workshops or visually online through his curated photographic series.


All About Me

I started my photographic journey in 2015 after moving to Cape Town with my wife and two dogs. At the time, I was doing my post-doctoral studies at the University of Cape Town in the Department of Surgery. It was a massive transition as my passion shifted from my scientific studies to a love for exploring and capturing the beauty of the Cape.


Finally, in 2018, I took the plunge and went full time into photography, setting up workshops based around my love for the great outdoors. It was at this time that I also partnered with Jon Kerrin, a fellow landscape photographer, to create Venture with Kyle & Jon. Our photographic tours and workshops have since expanded across Southern Africa with a wide range of locations. You can see everything VentureKJ offers at www.venturekj,com

My own passions as a photographer have grown and evolved since I left my office job behind, and I find I spend more time exploring remote locations in pursuit of new compositions. My love for astrophotography has also grown, and I have no problem getting up in the middle of the night to take photos of the stars. 

I'm constantly creating new content, and my latest images can be seen on my Instagram or Facebook account. 

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