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Aerial photography is one of the best ways to capture unique and powerful perspectives of vast landscapes. Although aerial photography comes with many challenges the rewards as a photographer far out weigh the challenges and it's this thrill of adapting to the changing conditions that Kyle Goetsch thrives on. Come explore the world from above in this powerful photographic series. 

AERIAL Perspective

Over the years Kyle Goetsch has captured some remarkable images from the air. Whether it be from a helicopter or hot air balloon, the unique perspective of an aerial image still captivates the imagination. 


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This series explores the patterns and textures of the arid landscapes of Namibia, ranging from Sesriem all the way across to the desert dunes and moon landscapes near Swakopmund. 

"By far one of the best ways to capture unique landscapes and quickly chase the light as it dances across the dunes. Aerial photography can become very addictive."

- Kyle Goetsch

Capturing the                     DUNES

The contrast of the rising or setting sun across the backs of the dunes create exquisite patterns in the desert dunes. Being able to quickly manoeuvre to take advantage of the light is something very uncommon in landscape photography, which often requires a lot of patience and travelling to a particular composition. The ability to identify and position the pilot correctly is one of the greatest abilities required for this type of photography.


HOT AIR balloon

A hot air balloon gives you the luxury of time. You are able to better compose your images and stabilise your camera which is simply not possible on a helicopter. The drawback is you cannot cover as much ground and change your angle quickly in a hot air balloon. Both are incredibly powerful experiences and can result in stunning aerial images of the vast landscapes below. 


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