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Mentorship (short term)




3 months


6 sessions

About the Mentorship Program

The mentorship programs are my personal favourite and are a great way to take your photography as a whole to the next level. In these programs we will focus on how to select your best images, how to refine your portfolio, take your editing to the next level, and refine your editing style.

This program will involve a 2 hour online session every two weeks and will span over a 3 month period. The contents of the course will be designed to YOUR needs and skill level and will focus on improving your photography as a whole.

SESSION BREAKDOWN (broad overview - will be tailored to your requirements):

Session 1: Online Session
The basics, establishing your skill level and editing comfort level, learning contrast, luminance and colour (on Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop - software not included)

Session 2: Online Session
Learning how to identify your best images without bias, and how to start refining your editing style

Session 3: Online Session
Learning new editing techniques, along with identifying problem areas in images and how to correct them

Session 4: Online Session
Advanced editing techniques and how to export your images for web or print

Session 5: Online Session
YOU will edit several of your images with guided assistance from me. This is the best way to implement what you have learnt and to remember it

Session 6: Online Session
Refinement of your photographic style, as well as portfolio selections

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