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Near the town of Maltehohe in Namibia is a large clay pan that remains cracked and dry, but every few years when there is sufficient rain, magic happens.


this series explores the changing landscape that can be completely transformed every year based on the seasons or only on rare occasions when the conditions are just right


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In the driest desert in the world, the Namib, rains are scarce and every drop of water is welcomed. It is an incredible and extremely rare sight to witness the Tsauchab river flowing into the Sossusvlei pan. 

"As a landscape photographer I feel extremely privileged to have been able to witness the flooding of the Sossusvlei pan and surrounding desert. Being able to capture this extremely rare event and watching the landscape of the desert transform is something I will always cherish as a photographer."

- Kyle Goetsch

Desert   STORMS

On my recent trip to capture the rains in Namibia in February 2022, I was lucky enough to have a storm cell build over the desert dunes every afternoon. Watching these massive clouds form and dump huge quantities of water on the desert sands is a unique experience to witness. As the storm begins to build incredible winds gust through the valley creating intense dust storms as well. A truly evolving landscape. 



The stunning vistas of the Namibian landscapes make Namibia a true photographer's paradise


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