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Under the
        MILKY WAY

Near the southern most tip of Africa you will find the Meisho Maru No. 38 shipwreck. The ship met its end during a storm on the 26th November, 1982. The shipwreck today is a favourite location for landscape photographers, due to the unique features of the remaining prow. Capturing the wreck under the exceptionally clear skies with the Milky Way core present is a once in a life-time experience. 


This series explores the unparalleled dark skies of the Southern Hemisphere. Kyle Goetsch has a remarkable passion for astrophotography and spends countless hours out in the dark every year, pursuing unique compositions combining both the night sky and foregrounds. 


ALOES in the

The Klein Karoo is a spectacular 350 km long valley stretching from Montagu in the west to Uniondale in the East. This region is almost completely surrounded by mountains, making it an ideal location for astrophotography.


This region is also well-known for it's rich diversity in succulent plants, with over 5000 species of succulents recorded to date. 


One of the most prominent species is that of Aloe ferox which can grow to the height of a tall man. These magnificent aloes form part of this series as a truly Southern African foreground, backdropped by the stars above.

"Nothing excites me more as a photographer than getting up at 2am to capture the night sky. This genre of photography is a passion of mine and every month during the Milky Way season I look forward to going out and standing in the dark."

- Kyle Goetsch


The name quiver tree (aka Kokerboom) refers to the use of its hollowed branches by the San people to make quivers for their arrows. Aloidendron dichotomum is a Southern African tree species found in Namibia and South Africa, and can grow up to 9m tall. 

These trees are mostly found in remote, arid regions, making them ideal for foregrounds when shooting astrophotography. 


STAR TRAIL                            Magic

The abandoned Garub Station Master's House makes the perfect foreground feature for a star trail


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