Printing information

The majority of my images are available for prints in a variety of mediums. I do a range of sizes from A4-A0, as well as landscape dimensions of 2:1, 3:1, and 4:1. Please see below for a reference guide on sizing and details about the different printing mediums I use. Custom sizes and other printing techniques can be arranged via email. To place your order for a print or to ask for a quote, please email me with the image name, the size of the print, and your preferred printing medium.

Packaging and delivery:

Prints are carefully packaged at the printers to ensure they reach you in excellent condition. Orders take 5-7 days to be printed and framed and 5-7 days for delivery in South Africa. International orders can take up to 3 weeks for delivery, depending the country. Please let me know if you have an urgent need for a print and I will try my best to accommodate you. All prints are insured during delivery. If there are any issues upon delivery, please let me know right away. 

Size charts: 

All standard print sizes including A4-A0 and panorama sizing of 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1. 

If you would like a custom size, please let me know and we can most likely make a plan to meet your requirements. 


Standard sizes from A4-A0 (Custom sizes can be arranged on request)

Fine Art Paper 

For framed prints we use giclée printing method onto Epson watercolour paper (radiant white). We have found that this printing method gives the best results in terms of image quality. For more details read below. 

Epson Watercolour Paper Radiant White
  • Textured matte surface 180 g/m².

  • Radiant white surface for vivid colour reproduction.

  • Rich black images for prints with exceptional contrast.

The first choice for fine art reproductions, giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) refers to an individually produced, high-resolution, high-quality fine art digital print made on a specialized inkjet printer.

Giclée literally means “to spray or spread” and refers to the way the ink is deposited on the surface of the paper. Tiny droplets of varying size are deposited with extreme precision onto the surface of the desired paper. The result: an image of exceptional quality, offering brighter colours, crisper details and long-lasting colour.

Giclée prints can be printed on any number of substrates from watercolour paper to canvas.

Archival properties:
Giclée is an archival process, using both archival media and inks, so your print is guaranteed to last between 80–100 years with the exception of direct sunlight, storage and most importantly, the way the prints are handled.


A popular décor trend, stretched canvas prints are an affordable solution for decorating any living space or bedroom. 

The canvas is mounted onto a wooden frame. 


Epson Water-resistant Matte Canvas

  • Great for images where texture is required to come through.

  • Ideal for photographic and fine art reproductions.

  • Exhibition grade.

  • Finest image quality on canvas.

  • Matte finish.

  • Durable blend: 65% polyester, 35% cotton.

  • Heavyweight, using a tight weave.

  • 375 g/m2.

  • Max. print size: 1380 mm x 10 m.

  • Printed on the Epson Stylus Pro 11880.


Framing solution: Canvas are stretched over a 23 mm or 50 mm thick wooden frame (thickness depends on size of canvas). The image will wrap around the sides of the frame. 

The canvas can be stretched around the

border of the frame or left white.


Perfect for the home or office, printing directly onto Perspex offers a high-gloss, modern finish that creates a simple and stylish centrepiece.

  • Reverse printed onto the back of perspex;

  • A1 and smaller: 2 mm thick;

  • A0 and larger: 3 mm thick;

  • Max. print size: 3000 mm x 2000 mm;

  • White ink on;

  • Best for images that have very bright colours.


Framing solution: No framing is necessary as Perspex prints include a sub-frame attached to the back, so they are ready to hang and appear to float 25 mm from the wall. If you wish to frame them, we recommend doing so without glass.


Archival properties: The inks used with perspex prints are not archival, but through simulated testing, are said to last 75 years out of direct sunlight and 5 years in direct sunlight.


Image is printed directly onto the perspex sheet

Perspex is mounted onto a floating frame ready to hang


This method is very popular with astrophotography images and can give a very industrial look to your living or bedroom area. 

Metal Printing:

  • Dibond® with a brushed aluminium finish;

  • Standard prints: 3 mm thick;

  • Max Print Size: 1500 x 3000 mm;

  • White ink off (No white ink used);

  • Black and white images recommended

  • Also works well with astrophotography images.

Framing solution: It is not necessary to frame your metal print as it will be attached to a sub-frame that makes it appear as if it’s floating 25 mm away from the wall (see image below).


Archival properties: The inks are not archival but through simulated testing, are said to last 75 years out of direct sunlight and 5 years in direct sunlight.

Image is printed directly onto the metal sheet

Metal is mounted onto a floating frame ready to hang