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Shifting                SANDS

Located near the Luderitz, you will come across the ghost town of Kolmanskop. Left untouched since 1954 the Namib desert has since invaded the town, leaving it half-buried beneath a sea of sand. The town remains a mystical place and a photographer's dream come true. 

Shifting SANDS

This series explores the abandoned ghost towns of Namibia, reclaimed by the desert sands. Kyle Goetsch explores these abandoned buildings in search of unique compositions that capture the stark beauty of these locations.


all DOORS lead to...

The sand as fixed the doors in a permanent state of being ajar, while the glass windows have become blurry from years of hostile desert winds blasting against it.

"Exploring the ghost towns of Namibia you are struck by the inevitability of time and how easy it is for nature to reclaim what was once hers."

- Kyle Goetsch

Elizabeth Bay

Elizabeth Bay is an abandoned mining town located 25km south of Luderitz. 

This ghost town consisted of a large diamond mining facility, a casino, desalination plants, rows of housing for the German miners, as well as overcrowded buildings for local workers. 

The town closed in 1948 leaving the Namib desert sands to slowly reclaim it.



The ruins of this mining boom town stand like skeletal reminders of the settlement's dark history.


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